Saturday, February 22, 2014

Convert Windows Server 2008 to Workstation

 1. Installation, Drivers, OS Language and Owner Information: Installation of Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and how to set owner name and -organization.
2. Wireless Networking: (If you don’t use wireless, skip this step) Enable wireless networking in Windows Server 2008.
3. New User, Auto Logon and Strong Passwords Enforcement: How to create a new user, how to configure a user to logon automatically and how to disable enforcement of a minimum complexity for passwords.
4. Shutdown Tracker: How to disable the annoying Shutdown Event Tracker.
5. Ctrl+Alt+Del: Disable ctrl+alt+del at Windows startup.
6. Audio and Startup Sound: Enable audio and Startup Sound in Windows Server 2008.
7. Computername: Change computername.
8. Performance: Increase performance of applications in windows server.
9. Internet Explorer Enhanced Security: Disable Enhanced Security in Internet Explorer.
10. Themes, SideBar with Custom Gadgets, Aero Cursors and Thumbnails: Enable the Vista Aero theme and 3d flip with Sidebar and preview thumbnails in Windows Explorer.
11. SuperFetch: Maintain and Improve your system performance.
12. Delay Activation: How to extend the evaluation period to 240 days.

More Features

13. Windows Search: Install the Windows Search service to search your Outlook and documents.
14. Hyper-V: How to install the Hyper-V virtualization serverrole in Windows Server 2008 x64.
15. Offline Files: Installing the Offline Files feature to improve mobility!

Additional Information

Forum: Place here all your questions, problems and solutions about configuring and using Windows Server 2008 as Workstation.
Security Software: Check what Antivirus and Firewall programs are compatible with Windows Server 2008.
Games and Entertainment: List of Games that can (not) be played and articles about how to get them working.
Wish List: Features we want to have in Windows Server 2008, but aren’t working yet.
Fine-Tuning Services: Optimize performance by configuring the Windows Services.
Youtube Channel: Tips & Tricks from the win2008workstation Youtube Channel.

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