Monday, February 17, 2014

Adding 32-bit printer drivers to a 64-bit print server

Printing from a 32-bit computer through a 64-bit print server can be a challenge especially when moving to Windows 7 and 2008 server. Windows 7 and 2008 server require "Type 3" print drivers to work properly. To install the 32-bit drivers on the 64-bit server, a 32-bit Windows 7 computer will be needed.

Download the latest "Type 3" printer drivers

Download the latest "Type 3" printer drivers for all printers on the print server (both 32- and 64-bit). If there are no drivers available from the manufacturer's web site, the drivers may need to be pulled from Windows Update as legacy drivers.

Navigate to the print server

Using the Windows 7 PC, navigate to the UNC path of the print server. Make sure to be logged into the PC with an account that has admin rights on the print server.

View remote printers

Click on the "View remote printers" link at the top of the window.

Modify a printer

Right-click on a printer in the list and choose "Server properties".

Install the 32-bit driver

Click on the "Drivers" link. Click on the "Add" button and run through the wizard to add the 32-bit driver for that printer. If there are 32-bit drivers already loaded (which were loaded on the print server directly), delete them before adding the new ones.

Continue to add remaining drivers

Continue to add the remaining 32-bit drivers in the Server Properties window. Make sure to update any drivers in the window which still show "Type 2".

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