Monday, February 2, 2015

Oracle SmartView Installation

Installation Steps
You must have Administrator access on the computer to install. All office products including Outlook should be closed.
1. Download SmartView.exe from and save to desktop.
2. Right-click on the SmartView.exe executable copied to the desktop and Run as administrator.

3. Follow instructions on the install:

        a. Click “Next”

          b. Click “Install”

c. Wait for the program to install

d. Click “Finish”

4. After the Install of SmartView is complete, Open Microsoft Excel
5. Select Smart View from the menu

6. Select Open and click SmartView Panel, the Smart View Ribbon is displayed
7. In the Smart View Ribbon, select Options. Within the Options window select Advanced

8. In the Shared Connections URL section, input the following URL

9. In the Display section, check the “Disable Smart View in Outlook” then click OK
Smart View Ribbon

Smart View Timeout Settings (Run as administrator)
The Windows registry on the client’s PC also needs to be updated to include three new key entries in the “Internet Settings” section:

1. ReceiveTimeout
2. KeepAliveTimeout
3. ServerInfoTimeout

The following steps need to be performed:
1. Launch Windows Registry Editor (Regedit) as an administrator. In Windows 7, navigate to C:\Windows and right click on regedit.exe
The “Registry Editor” window is displayed:

2. Navigate (drill-down) to the following path on the client’s PC.
Path: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings]
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 To drill-down into the registry, perform the following:
o Double-Click on HKEY_CURRENT_USER
o Double-Click on Software
o Double-Click on Microsoft
o Double-Click on Windows
o Double-Click on CurrentVersion
o Double-Click on Internet Settings

3. Add the new registry keys.

 Right-Click on “Internet Settings”.
 Select “New” from the pop-up list.
 Select “DWORD (32-bit) Value” from the pop-up list.
 Text box is displayed and “New Value #1” is highlighted:
o Type in “ReceiveTimeout” and press the Enter key.
 Right-Click on the “ReceiveTimeout” registry key.

o Click on “Modify…” from the pop-up list.

 Enter the following info:
o Value data: 00dbba00
 Click on the “OK” button

4. Repeat step 3 for the following two registry keys:

   Registry Key                   Key Type                            Key Value
1. KeepAliveTimeout    DWORD (32-bit) Value         00dbba00
2. ServerInfoTimeout    DWORD (32-bit) Value         00dbba00

The Registry Editor for the “Internet Settings” should now have the new keys and values assigned to them.

 Verify the above highlighted keys exist and have the assigned values as listed above and below in the table.
    Name                                           Type                        Data
1. KeepAliveTimeout           REG_DWORD     0x00dbba00 (14400000)
2. ReceiveTimeout               REG_DWORD      0x00dbba00 (14400000)
3. ServerInfoTimeout           REG_DWORD      0x00dbba00 (14400000)

After making these adjustments, the client should be able to query almost a million cells using Office 2007/2010 (via Internet Explorer 8 HTTP) without a timeout error.

Internet Options Setting in IE7 or IE8
1. Under Tools/Internet Options/Security select “Custom Level”

2. Click “Enable” for all options under Downloads

3. Click “Enable” under “Allow script-initiated windows without size or position constraints” and
click OK

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