Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Software (Package) Management in Solaris

Files involved:
/var/sadm/install/contents    - Contains the list of installed packages


1. To install all packages available in the cdrom :
# pkgadd –d /cdrom/cdrom       

2. To install a specific package from the /mnt directory :
# pkgadd –d /mnt SUNWaudio   

3. To copy a package from the /mnt directory to spool :
# pkgadd –d /mnt –s SUNWaudio   

4. To list the contents of spool directory :
# pkginfo –d spooldir       

5. To find out the package “abc” in the installed package list :
# pkginfo | grep abc       

6. To list detailed info on an installed package :
# pkginfo –l SUNWcar       

7. To check the consistency of a package :
# pkgchk –v SUNWaudio       

8.To find out which package a file belongs to :
# pkgchk -l -p /usr/bin/ls       

9. To uninstall a package :
# pkgrm SUNWaudio       

10.Removes a package from a spool directory :
# pkgrm –s spooldir SUNWcar 

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