Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Installation and Licensing - VxVM and VxFS

Veritas Infrastructure Packages :
VRTXvlic    License Utilities
VRTScpi        Common product/platform installer
VRTSperl    Perl used by installation technology
VRTSjre        Java Runtime Environment Redistribution

VxVM Packages :   
VRTSvxvm    VxVM Binaries
VRTSalloc    VxVM Intelligent Storage Provisioning
VRTSvmdoc    VxVM Documentation
VRTSvmman    VxVM Manual Pages (Not for HP)

VEA Packages :
VRTSob        VEA Service
VRTSobgui    VEA GUI
VRTSbuob    VEA Service Localized Package for Solaris
VRTSvmpro    Disk Management services provider
VRTSfspro    Filesystem service provider
VRTSddlpr    Device Discover Layer servics provider
VRTSap        Veritas Action Provider
VRTStep        Veritas Tast Exec Provider

VxFS Packages :
VRTSvxfs    VxFS software and manuals
VRTSfsdoc    VxFS Documentation
VRTSfsman    VxFS Manual Pages

How to install the product ?

You can use any of the below scripts to install VxVM and VxFS products,

installer    - Installs multiple VERITAS products
installvm  - Installs VxVM
installfs    - Installs VxFS
installsf   - Installs Storage Foundation (VxVM and VxFS)

You can also use the below OS specific installation commands to install the packages but finally run "vxinstall" to do initial configuration.

Solaris   : pkgadd
HP-UX : swinstall
AIX      : installp
Linux    : rpm

Commands :
1. To add a license Key :
# vxlicinst

2. To view installed the license key :
# vxlicrep

3. Where are the license keys are stored :

4. Where are the VxVM commands located :

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