Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Exchange 2010: Mailbox Auto reply configuration

Method 1 = Exchange Management Shell

Among all new cmdlets included with Exchange 2010, there are two very interesting ones in this context, namely:
Get and  Set-MailboxAutoReplyConfiguration
Looking at our demo mailbox, belonging to me, it’s clear there is no Out-Of-Office  configured yet:
When using the cmdlet Get-MailboxAutoReplyConfiguration, we retrieve the same information:
Using a single line in the shell, it’s rather easy to provision the mailbox with an Out-Of-Office:
Set-MailboxAutoReplyConfiguration –Identity ExternalAudience   -ExternalMessage –InternalMessage –AutoReplyState <disabled, enabled, or scheduled if you want to schedule the OOF to start at a defined StartTime and possibly end after defined EndTime>
and this is how it looks using Outlook

Method 2 = Using Exchange Control Panel

Using any browser I can log into the Exchange Control Panel:
Choose to manage Another User, like Ilse Van Criekinge, and configure on her behalf her Out Of Office
To finish, and save the settings, click Save


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