Sunday, September 19, 2010

Excel Mail Merge - Rounding decimal points and percentage issue

1. With the mail merge main document open, press Alt + F9 to view the field codes.

2. The field code will look something like {MERGEFIELD “fieldname” }

ex. {Mergefield MyNumber \# #.###.00 }

3. Once you have added your field switch, press Alt + F9 to display the fields instead of codes.

Percentage format in merge from excel

based from the above instructions:

change #2 with this format:

if Word is showing something like '0.1234' with or without the percentage sign and you need it to show '12%', try selecting your merge-field,

pressing Ctrl-F9 to embed it in another field and code the lot

as: '{={MERGEFIELD ExcelData}*100 \# 0%} for 12%,


{={MERGEFIELD ExcelData}*100 \# 0.00%} for '12.34%'.

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