Friday, June 3, 2016

Microsoft Outlook 2010 - Unable to Search in Sub-Folders on a Shared Mailbox

SYMPTOM:When using Instant Search (Ctrl + E) on the root folder of the shared mailbox or any other folder which contains a subfolder, and with the option "All Subfolders" selected in the Scope group, the search does not return any results from a subfolder.
Also using Advanced Find (Ctrl + Shift + F) it is not possible to select the checkbox "Search subfolders" (greyed out) and if you try to select multiple folders in the Select Folder(s) window, following message appears: "The folder you selected does not let you search other folders at the same time. To search other folders, clear the check box next to this folder."
CAUSE:Limitation with Search in subfolders if "Download shared folders" is enabled in Cached Exchange Mode settings.

FIX:Uncheck "Download shared folders" in menu File -> Account Settings -> Change -> More Settings -> Advanced -> Download shared folders.
Else search in each subfolder individually.

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