Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Fixing Issue Where Users Unable to Set Default Printer

A KB to fix the issue whereby end users are unable to set their default printer and furthermore there is currently no default printer set.
This occurs when the end user loses access to a particular key in the Windows Registry.


Open Regedit as an admin user

a) Click the round Start buttuon
b) Type Regedit into the Search box and open it when it appears


Connect to the remote computer

a) Click File > Connect Network Registry
b) Enter the computer name and click OK


Navigate to the correct Registry key

Expand the remote computer's Registry at the following node:
HKU > {User's SID} > Software > Microsoft > Windows NT > Current Version > Windows
Note: You can determine the correct SID using PsGetSid from Sysinternals.


Reset the permissions on the Windows key

a) Right-click on the Windows key
b) Click Permissions
c) Click Advanced
d) Tick Include inheritable permissions from this object's parent
e) Press OK

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