Wednesday, October 23, 2013

How to Create a Public Folder Calendar in Exchange 2010

Use EMC to create Public Folder

1.       In the console tree, click Toolbox.
2.       In the result pane, double-click Public Folder Management Console.
3.       In the public folder tree of the Public Folder Management Console, navigate to Default Public Folders, and then select the parent public folder for the public folder you want to create.
4.       In the action pane, click New Public Folder.
5.        On the Introduction page, complete the following fields:
o    Name   Use this box to type the name of the new public folder.
o    Path   Use this read-only box to verify the path to the public folder. If this box displays a backslash (\), the public folder that you are creating will be a top-level public folder. 
To change the path, close the wizard, and then, in the Public Folder Management Console, select the public folder under which you want to create this public folder, and start the wizard again.
6.        On the Completion page, review the following, and then click Finish to close the wizard: 
o    A status of Completed indicates that the wizard completed the task successfully. 
o    A status of Failed indicates that the task wasn't completed. If the task fails, review the summary for an explanation, and then click Back to make any configuration changes.
7.       Click Finish to close the wizard.

To apply user permissions:
1. Right click the folder and choose Properties and click Permissions tab and add the user.

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  1. You can choose the type of item you want to place in the folder (f.e. Calendar) only when create public folder in OUTLOOK.