Thursday, September 26, 2013

Windows Server 2008: Access Based Enumeration

Now the good news is yes we still have ABE in Windows Server 2008 and we have a GUI where you can enable this. Let me explain to you how you do it:

1. Open the "Share and Storage Management" MMC and Provision a new share.
2. Follow all steps to create a share and when are at the SMB Settings window, which is shown below, click on the Advanced button.

3. In the Advanced window you are able to Enable or Disable ABE, by default it's enabled.


So basically you don't have to do anything to enable ABE on you shares.  The screenshots above show you how you can create/provision a new share using the GUI. The ABE is also enabled if you create the share through the folder directly by right clicking onto the folder and select share. However if you create a share through the command prompt using the "net share" command it won't be enabled by default.

You can always enable / disable the ABE after you created the share by using the "Share and Storage Management" MMC just right click onto a share and hit the advanced button. So far I didn't found any cmd-line tool to enable or disable ABE.


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