Monday, August 13, 2012

Backup Exec 2010 R3 remote agent servers do not show up under Favorite resources in the backup selection list.


After push installing a remote agent the remote agent machine is missing or does not show under Favorite Resources.  The remote agent may show up under Domains or Active Directory selections.


When Debugging the Backup Exec Remote Agent Service with SGMON on the remote machine, an SSL handshake error appears in the debug log. See Related Documents on how to run SGMON.

[nrds]               - ConnectToServerEndPoint: dest=SERVER.local, service=6101
[nrds]               - ConnectToServerEndPoint: Failed Client Side SSL handshake.
[BESocket]           - @@@@@@@MyCloseSocket called with sockfd = 1568(0x620) retval = 0
[ndmp\ndmpcomm]      - NrdsAdvertiserThread: connect to target=SERVER.local port=6101 failed
[ndmp\ndmpcomm]      - NrdsAdvertiserThread: Security is enabled!!!


Backup Exec 2010 R3


Remote agent is failing to advertise to Media server with "handshake" error.


This issue is fixed in Hotfix (Click the link or See the Related Articles section) 
Select the remote agent server through Active Directory or Domain Sections.

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