Sunday, June 27, 2010

HP LaserJet P4015 Displays 49.4C27 Error Message

HP LaserJet P4015 intermittently displays 49.4C27 Error message. All printing halts and printer has to be rebooted to being printing again.

HP Support recommends updating the printer firmware to version: 04.049.3, but it has been reported this error occurs with the new firmware as well.

Navigate thru the printer menu (on the front panel LCD display)
Configure Device
Embedded Jet Direct Menu

Disable ALL protocols that are not being used and are not configured.

Such as, if you are only using TCP/IP protocol, disable IPX/SPX, disable Appletalk, and disable DLC/LLC.

To disable a protocol:
navigate to the protocol
press OK
ENABLE will display
press OK
press Down arrow to highlight OFF
press OK

This error has been resolved by disabling all protocols not configured and not being used. (despite what version of firmware is being used)


  1. I have several of these 4015N's and the firmware is 04.060.7 on all of them plus all protocls except TCP/IP is disabled, yet we still get this error

  2. I have encounter again that problem after I turned off protocol. So what I did was I tried to installed HP Universal PCL 5. Then so far it works fine.