Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Vista -- print spooler service constantly stops. I cannot print.

This problem is similar to mine, and the solution was found by reading an earlier posting of Vista and print spool problems in Word. But the problem is not limited just to Vista OS, seems to affect many versions of Word using newest HP Printers in XP too. You fix the problem by unchecking the box "allow background printing" in MS Word "tools/options/print" menu.

I run XP and have a new HP 6000 inkjet locally connected that spools Word 97 docs for hours. (Never bothered to update Word all these years as I don't use it much). Then I unchecked the "allow background printing" box and solved my problem.

For Word 2007, CLick (Office button) > Word Options, in print section unchecked "Print in background".

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